Menlo Micro High RF Switch is now available!

MM5120 – DC-12GHz SP4T Digital-Micro-Switch The MM5120 is a high-power micro-mechanical switch offered by Menlo Micro, which has developed a new Digital-Micro-Switch (DMS) fabrication process and applied it to DC and RF/microwave switch applications. The innovative DMS technology enables highly reliable micro-mechanical switches capable of > 25 watts in a very small SMT package. The MM5120 provides ultra-low insertion loss and superior linearity from 12GHz down to DC, with greater than 3 billion switching cycles guaranteed at elevated +85°C temperatures. An integrated analog gate controller allows the user the option to provide the required high-voltage gate signal externally or to generate it internally. The MM5120 is an ideal solution for replacing bulky and less reliable RF electromechanical relays, as well as RF/microwave solid-state switches where linearity and insertion loss are critical parameters.

Advanced Datasheet