1800V SiC MOSFET relay optimized package for High-Voltage Applications

The AS58F series Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET relay is now available to the market considered safety and performance

Bright TOWARD releases the new 1800V Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET relay series in SMD package with larger creepage distance.

Featuring with 1FormA, 1800V load voltage, 5.0mA operating LED current, 30mA load current, 1uA Off-State leakage current at 1500VDC.

1800V SiC mosfet relay
1800V SiC mosfet relay

AS58F has been developed for high-power applications with unique package to increase creepage distance. Some high power applications are required highly strict design rule for high power handling. This new 1800V SiC MOSFET relay package provides sufficient 8mm over creepage distance between input and output pins, and between drain pins of MOSFETs.

AS58F Key Features

  • Load Voltage 1800 V
  • Load Current 30 mA
  • On-Resistance 100 ohm
  • Output Capacitance 10 pF
  • Low Off-State Leakage Current 1 uA at 1500 VDC / 10 uA at 1800 VDC
  • Creepage Distance between input and out put / between drain pins 8 mm+
  • Low Operation LED Current 5.0 mA


Please contact us for more detail about the Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET relay series. Bright TOWARD provides a brad range of products for your needs.

about Silicon Carbide Technology

Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology guides you to the next level of high power application design. Firstly, this technology provides stable low on-resistance and steady leakage current in a high-temperature environment. Secondary, it has a higher breakdown strength, fast reverse recovery, and a high avalanche ruggedness. Thirdly, there are many system benefits include reducing power loss, increasing operating temperature range, and reducing EMI. In conclusion, Silicon Carbide MOSFET relay series are ideal for automotive and industrial applications such as Battery Management System (BMS), Energy Storage System (ESS), Automated Test Equipment (ATE), and security equipment.

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