Revolutionary 64Gbps MEMS switch with fully integrated Loopback Path

Menlo Micro introduces the World’s First System-In-Package Switch Solution for High-Speed Digital Applications supporting PCI Express GEN6

64Gbps MEMS switch loopback

Menlo Micro introduces the Differential Dual DP3T relay, designed to support high-speed differential signal switching in demanding applications like PCIe Gen 6, SerDes. The MM5620, built on Menlo’s proprietary Ideal Switch® technology, offers fast switching speed of up to 64 GT/s or 20 GHz, ideal for high-performance systems.

This solution, 64Gbps MEMS switch with Loopback, boasts low insertion loss and the ability to perform over 3 billion switching cycles, making it a reliable choice for demanding applications. The MM5620’s integrated charge pump and driver can be easily controlled via SPI or GPIO interfaces by the host processor.


The MM5620 is 2x double-pole/triple-throw (DP3T) switch. It reduces Cost-of-Test for complicated High-Speed Digital applications. The MM5620 switch’s system-in-package (SiP) solution fully integrates the switch driver and charge pump, along with loopback capacitors, offering significant board footprint reduction for high-volume production test solutions.

MM5620 Product Highlights

  • DC to 20 GHz range, up to 64 GT/s
  • Dual 2 Form C, DP3T (differential mode) with LoopBack Mode
  • Normally Open, Reflective actuator
  • Low Insertion Loss: 0.8 dB @ 16 GHz
  • Integrated charge pump and driver eliminates the requirement for external biasing and driver circuitry
  • Built-in AC Coupling Capacitors
  • Fully controllable ports for low, medium, and high data rate signal routing
  • High Reliability: Greater than 3 billion switching operations
  • 8.2 x 8.2 mm LGA Package


Other Menlo Micro MEMS Switch

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