Solid State Relay (SSR) from TOWARD

Bright TOWARD provides variety of Semiconductor switch products from High Power Solid State Relay to defacto standard SIP/DIP packaged small Solid State Relay.

Solid State Relay (SSR) is Non-contacts relay constructed by semiconductor, often described in Semiconductor Relay vs Electromechanical Relay.  There are two types of SSR, 1) Transformer-Coupled SSR and 2) Photo-Coupled SSR.

Transformer-Coupled SSR

transformer solid state relay

The control signal is applied through a DC-AC converter to the primary transformer, and the secondary is used to trigger TRIAC or MOSFET.  In this type, the degree of input-output isolation depends on the design of the transformer.

Photo-Coupled SSR

photo coupled solid state relay

The control signal is applied to a light or infrared source, and the radiation from that source is detected in a photosensitive semiconductor.  The output of the photo-sensitive device triggers the TRIAC or MOSFET.  In this type, input-output isolation is optically secured, and electrical isolation is excellent.




10A to 40A


tdd solid state relay

TDD Series


taa solid state relay

TAA Series


tda solid state relay

TDA Series

tdb solid state relay

TDB Series


tad solid state relay

TAD Series

10A to 80A

sdd solid state relay

SDD Series

saz solid state relay

SAZ 10-80A Series

sdz solid state relay

SDZ 10-80A Series

100A to 125A

saz3_100-125 solid state relay

SAZ 100-125A Series

sdz3_100-125 solid state relay

SDZ 100-125A Series

Application Specified/Unique form Solid State Relays

tc solid state relay

TC Series

TRIAC-IC type of Solid State Relay

sat_sdt solid state relay

SAT / SDT Series

3 Phase Solid State Relay

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