Passive Components from Credible Manufactures for Semiconductor Test and Telecom Applications

Refurvo LLC offers various range of products focusing on passive components for RF applications and high power applications in the semiconductor test and telecom industries from cutting-edge technology to usable cost-effective products. We established strong cooperation with manufacturers and support customers’ design activities. Therefore, our services seek market development that combines logistics strategy and engineering support, not only the Buy-Sell market place but also an engineering information platform from our partner companies and industry leaders.

Menlo Micro MEMS Switches

MEMS switch, components semiconductor test and telecom applications

Menlo Micro is reimagining one of the most fundamental building blocks of electronic systems – the electronic switch. Our Ideal Switch platform is a game-changer for those who design electronic systems, serving multiple industries including next-generation 5G mobile networks, industrial IoT markets, battery management, home-automation, electronic vehicles, and medical instrumentation. Menlo Micro’s low loss high power switch only needs a few picoamps to function and operates up to 1000x faster than a typical mechanical switch.

SiC MOSFET Products

Bright Toward announced Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET products in 600V/110A, 1200V/80A, and 1700V/58A for various applications that require reliability and high power. Bright Toward also released SiC-based Opto MOSFET relay products, 650V/600mA, 1200V/470mA, 1700V/350mA, and 3300V/300mA, for Automotive, Battery Management Systems (BMS), and Power industrial applications.

Opto MOSFET Relay Producs

Opto MOSFET, components semiconductor test and telecom applications

Bright TOWARD offers a variety of optically isolated semiconductor switch, well-known as Opto MOSFET relay, which achieves fast, quiet, and no-bounce switching function with higher power handling capability and extreme reliability – long life.  TOWARD Opto MOSFET product family offers high voltage 1500V, high current 7A, fast switching less than 30uS, and low leakage less than 10nA.  Especially TOWARD’s advanced technology enables a higher standard of quality certified AEC-Q101 for automotive applications, and provides a new technological breakthrough for their design engineers who work in the cutting edge industries.

Solid State Relay (SSR) Products

Bright TOWARD provides a variety of semiconductor switch products such as Solid State Relay (SSR) products from ultra-high power to TRIAC-IC small package.  TOWARD Solid State Relay provides design flexibility for your applications.  SSR is a Non-contacts relay constructed by semiconductor, often described in Semiconductor Relay vs Electromechanical Relay. TOWARD’s variety product line includes IGBT, MOSFET, and TRIAC. Single In-line Package (SIP), and IC type package are also available.

Reed Relay Products

reed relay, components semiconductor test and telecom applications

Bright TOWARD serves mission-critical industries such as Automatic Semiconductor Test Equipment (ATE), Telecommunication, Medical Equipment, and Automotive industries.  30 years of design and manufacturing experience, high quality TOWARD Reed Relay makes a great contribution to the development of high-tech industries.

Passive Components for Telecom Applications

Filters, Combiners, Duplexers, and Attenuators for Telecom Application

Since the foundation in 1968, Tamagawa Electronics Co., Ltd. (in Japan) has consistently considered the need for high-frequency wireless technology products for always. Tamagawa Electronics offers High-quality passive RF components like Duplexer, Combiner, Coupler, Splitter, POI, Terminators, and various Filter products.

Materials for Semiconductor Test and various industries

EMI Noise Suppression Materials and Heat Transfer Sheet

Minoru Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures high-performance materials such as EMI noise suppression sheets and heat dissipation sheets. With an adoption for mobile devices, Miroru is actively developing in multiple technology areas to contribute not only to electromagnetic waves and heat dissipation but also to the advancement of mobile devices.

O-rings and Slit Valve Gate

RxC Technologies manufactures O-rings designed for the most difficult environmental conditions, developed proprietary materials to meet the sealing needs of semiconductor manufacturing tools, solar and LED production equipment and the oil and gas industry. A Complete line of o-rings for the semiconductor manufacturing industry including AS568A and Metric sizes.

Other Components for Semiconductor Test and Measurement

Low-leakage Interface, Probe Cards, and Components for Semiconductor Test

The WEC-LC24 is a 24-channel low-leakage interface designed for low current applications requiring minimal leakage. The interface is also designed to handle high applied voltages ranging from -1,100 Volts to +1,100 Volts, giving you a potential 2,200 Volt differential.