Low CxR RF Opt MOSFET relay for RF Applications

Bright Toward release Low CxR RF Opto MOSFET relay products with low Output capacitance and low On-resistance characteristics for high-frequency applications.  For high precision measurement applications, extremely low On-resistance and low Output capacitance are required, whereby higher isolations in the high-frequency signals. 21NS series achieves 1.0pF low output capacitance with TOWARD D-MOSFET technology.  Compared to traditional mechanical relays, Opto MOSFET relays provide great benefits, including reducing real-estate of PCB – small form factor, longer life as semiconductor, and high-speed switching -quick response and performance. Suitable for telecommunication, measurement equipment, and medical equipment.

New 21NS Series


  • Low Capacitance (1.0pF Typ)
  • underdevelopment, looking for the next level of performance. We will announce soon!

Coming soon.  Please contact us for more detail.  Contact us

21RS / 23RS / 46 Series RF Opto MOSFET relay


  • Low On-Resistance 0.9 Ohm MAX (21RS Series)
  • Low Output Capacitance (13pF 21RS Series, 3pF 46 Series)
  • High Load Voltage 250V MAX (23 Series)
  • Low Off-State Leakage Current 1nA MAX and Low Operation LED Current 1.5mA MAX (46 Series)
  • for modem, telephone, telecom, security, sensing, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), and I/O modules

Low Leakage 23RS-pA series available.

AB21RS, RF Opto MOSFET relay
AC21RS, RF Opto MOSFET relay
AB23RS, RF Opto MOSFET relay
Product NameContact FormLoad Voltage (Max)Operation LED Current (Max)Load Current (Max)On-Resistance (Typ)Output Capacitance (Typ)Off-State Leakage Current (Max)I/O Breakdown VoltageDevice PackagePackaging
AB21RS1A40V3.0mA0.25A0.9 Ohm13pF10nA1500VrmsSOP4Stick/Tape
AC21RS2A40V3.0mA0.25A0.9 Ohm13pF10nA1500VrmsSOP8Stick/Tape
AB23RS1A250V3.0mA0.17A11 Ohm37pF10nA1500VrmsSOP4Stick/Tape
AC23RS2A250V3.0mA0.17A11 Ohm37pF10nA1500VrmsSOP8Stick/Tape
AA461A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA3750VrmsDIP6Stick
AA46-H1A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA5000VrmsDIP6Stick
AA46F1A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA3750VrmsSMD6Stick/Tube
AA46F-H1A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA5000VrmsSMD6Stick/Tube
AB461A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA3750VrmsDIP4Stick
AB46-H1A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA5000VrmsDIP4Stick
AB46F1A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA3750VrmsSMD4Stick/Tube
AB46F-H1A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA5000VrmsSMD4Stick/Tube
AB46S1A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA1500VrmsSOP4Stick/Tape
AB46S-H1A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA3750VrmsSOP4Stick/Tube
AC462A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA3750VrmsDIP8Stick
AC46-H2A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA5000VrmsDIP8Stick
AC46F2A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA3750VrmsSMD8Stick/Tube
AC46F-H2A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA5000VrmsSMD8Stick/Tube
AC46S2A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA1500VrmsSOP8Stick/Tape
AC46S-H2A80V3.0mA80mA35 Ohm3pF1.0nA3750VrmsSOP8Stick/Tube