Tamagawa RF Solutions

Tamagawa Electronics Vietnam CO., LTD. provides solutions for low interference RF components in telecommunication and wireless systems, based on a half-century experience of design and manufacturing in the cutting-edge technology for mmWave. We provide custom solutions for your needs and specific requirements. The base selections are from our broad product portfolios, attenuators, splitters, combiners, and POIs, and various filters, and the composite components. Tamagawa offers great advantages of system design flexibility and a full range of technical supports.

BTS Solutions (for Outdoor Use)

For outdoor BTS applications, GSM and LTE dual-band Combiners or Duplexers are set up above the tower antenna and near the BTS equipment. Our products are not only IP65 (waterproof) compliant, but also designed with consideration for outdoor environments such as lightning protection and wind power. DC/AISG is used in the design of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation combiners for BTS solutions to achieve high functionality, low PIMD, and low insertion loss.

In-Building Solutions (for Indoor Use)

In the mobile communication base station, in order to cover the area inside the high-rise building and underground, the indoor communication area is built by the indoor antenna sharing system (DAS). We supply the passive components required for antenna wirings, such as base station antenna, duplexers splitter, coupler, and coaxial attenuators for level adjustment. Tamagawa Electronics supports a wider frequency range covering 700MHz up to 2700MHz for 2/3/4G GSM, W-CDMA, LTE system, and the latest 5G network system.

Filters and Combiners, Couplers, and Other RF Components

Interference Filters for Wireless Telecom Networks

The unwanted signal comes from outside makes interference noise to the networks. These filters make it possible to reduce such a noise and by using Tamagawa’s “Interference Filters” to applicable bandwidth (refer to each telecom operator), it is possible to reject the downlink power. Please contact us, Tamagawa Electronics is always happy to support you and provides an optimal solution for your specific situations.

Filters and Combiners, Duplexers

filters and combiners, fuplexers

Filters – Low Pass Filter (LPF), High Pass Filter (HPF), Band Pass filters, and Band Reject Filters from 300MHz to 14GHz. Input power range from 1 to 300 Watts.

Duplexers – 400MHz to 8GHz. Input power range from 1 to 100 Watts.

Combiners – Dual Band Combiner is an antenna duplexer that shares 2 frequencies. For example, one product is designed 1.8/2.1GHz for LTE/WCDMA System. It is equipped with 2 output ports and 4 input ports and waterproof function.

Couplers, Splitters, and POIs

Couplers – 700 to 2700MHz with an Input power range from 1 to 50 Watts.

Splitter – Several types of splitters. 2/3/4 distributor variations. It is used as a distributor for distributing signals of IBS base stations and covers frequencies up to 700-2700 MHz, can be used for various mobile systems.

POIs – 700, 800, 900MHz, 1.5/2.0/2.7/3.5GHz with Input power from 1 to 5 Watts. 4-in 2-out, 6-in 2-out, 8-in-2-out, 16-in-2-out.

Attenuators, and Terminators

Fixed Attenuators – DC to 4GHz, 100 Watts

RF Terminator – DC to 3GHz, 100 Watts