Join Menlo Micro at APEC 2022 on March 22nd to 24th

Menlo Micro will exhibit at APEC booth #215

Menlo Micro will exhibit Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC 2022) at Houston, TEXAS from March 22nd to 24th. Please schedule a meeting with Menlo Micro or drop by booth #215. There will be daily demonstrations of Menlo Micro’s High Power MEMS relay with industry-leading Ideal Switch technology.

Witness the Ideal Switch Impact – High Power MEMS Relay

  • Increased Reliability: A 1000x increase in reliability from electro-mechanical relays (EMR) to the Ideal Switch.
  • Smarter Controls: The small size and built-in smart features of the Ideal Switch can enable a level of automation in devices that was previously not possible.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency: The low On-resistance and minimal gate current required to switch endure the Ideal Switch is at the forefront of energy efficiency.

Recent High Power MEMS Relay Product Updates

  • MM9200 Power Die: Our latest Ideal Switch power die features; 400V dielectric withstand across contacts, 10A continuous current-carrying capacity, 10mΩ typical on-state resistance and over 3 billion operations. Offered in QFN or CSP packages.
  • MM9250 Family: Our new family of single pole single throw, normally closed Power Relays featuring low on-resistance and exceptional reliability and thermal performance. This new platform is poised to transform the power distribution industry.
  • MM9105B EVK: This is evaluation kit to explore the Ideal Switch power relay for early access program. It is available to order now, contact a sales representative for more information.

Daily In-Booth Demo

High Power MEMS relay
  • Ideal Switch Endurance: The Ideal Switch brings a cycling life of over 3 billion operations. At this demo you will witness cycling LED lights at a frequency of 100Hz while a live contact wear counter will be on display.
  • Power-saving Fan Regulator: This demo features the Ideal Switch Power Relay controlling the fan speed, saving over 15W in power compared to a triac-based controller.
  • Energy Harvesting Power Supply: A two wire power supply that does not require a neutral connection to convert 120VAC supply to 5VDC. Menlo Micro will demonstrate a patent-pending circuit controlling a light bulb.

Schedule a Meeting with Us Today!

Email: to schedule a meeting with us. We look forward to seeing you at the show.

Range of Menlo Micro Products


  • DPDT
  • DC to 24GHz
  • 25W
  • Less than 10uS Switching


  • SP4T
  • DC to 26GHz
  • 25W
  • Less than 10uS Switching


  • 6 Channel SPST
  • 1A per channel
  • 25W
  • Less than 10uS Switching

Please visit our RF MEMS section and find out more detail about Menlo Micro products.