Ultra Thin Low Frequency High Permeability Magnetic Shield

Minoru releases LFS Series High μ Shielding Sheet

Minoru Co., Ltd. in Japan provides High Permeability Magnetic Shielding sheet. Many modern electrical applications are very sensitive to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Higher frequency interference is usually recognized and shielded by conductive materials. However, low frequency interference and noise emitted from nearby electronic devises are overlooked or unsure the cause of problems. Because this low frequency interference is easily through these conductive layers. Miroru Emasfalis® LFS (Low Frequency Shielding Material) is a low-profile high permeability magnetic shield materials especially developed for effective low frequency magnetic shield within the confined space.

high permeability magnetic shield

High Permeability Magnetic Shield Feature

  • Excellent Low Frequency/Magnetic Shield characteristics
  • Approximately 10x the shielding power of iron sheet at the same thickness
  • Light weight compared to Iron/Permalloy
  • No grounding connection required for flexible design
  • Ultra thin material: 0.03mm, 0.05mm, and 0.10mm
  • Typical Permeability (μ’@150kHz): 11000
  • Typical Permeability (μ”@150kHz): 6000
  • Resistivity (uΩm): 1.15
  • Magnetic Flux Density (T): 1.4
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40ºC to 150ºC

Since using Minoru’s high permeable magnetic material and simple structure, LFS series achieve ultra thin shielding sheet. LFS30 has total 30um, LFS50 has total 50um, and LFS100 has total 100um thickness. As a result, LFS series are flexible design and suitable for various applications such as Hall Sensor and Flux gate, Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC), Quick Battery Charger, High Fidelity Audio System, and MRI and Medical equipment.

LFC series performance data, detailed information, and technical datasheet are available at High μ Shield section. Please visit.