28GHz Band Frequency Converter for 5G

Tamagawa Electronics has developed a RF front-end unit with a built-in 28GHz band frequency converter for evaluation of 5G propagation visualization

This 28GHz Band Frequency Converter is a RF front-end beam forming unit combines a frequency converter, channel switch, and phase adjuster.

28GHz band frequency converter

To produce a highly accurate beam, this unit has the analog and digital beam-forming modules. The analog beam-forming module can connect and control from a minimum of 4 systems to a maximum of 32 systems. The digital beam-forming module can connect up to 8 systems. It is possible to perform hybrid method simultaneous evaluation of analog and digital beam-forming.

In the future, digital beam-forming will be capable to form any pattern of beam by installing Software-Defined Radio (SDR). Tamagawa will support many multiple patterns for beam-forming test. As a result, customer will achieves any custom beam pattern generation.

There are up to 32 antenna outputs on the front MMCX connectors. Outputs are stacked on the antenna’s connectors via relay connectors. It is possible to emit a beam from each patch antenna. On the right side of unit, there are connectors for beam former and signal controls of Rx and Tx.

Key Features

  • Analog and Digital Beam-forming function
  • Coverage: 27.5 to 28.5GHz (1GHz band span)
  • Input Level: -20dBm
  • ACPR: -33dB (QAM256, +5dBM output)
  • EIRP: 2W (QAM256)

On the back of the unit, there are 8 ports each for IF signals from up converter and down converter. As expandability, this unit also supports GPS synchronization and external 10MHz sync signal.

Tamagawa technology achieved minimal heat dissipation by reducing the number of components and highly integrated circuit. By this technology, performance and reliability is significantly improved.

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