Low Leakage Opto MOSFET relay

Bright TOWARD releases -pA series Opto MOSFET relays for precise measurement applications

The demand for Low Leakage Opto MOSFET relay is increased in all fields for achieving both minimize real estate and performance of precision and reducing circuitry loss. Bright TOWARD release optimized product series to 23-pA series for RF, 24-pA/26-pA/47-pA series for High Current, and 30-pA/37-pA/45-pA series for general-purpose use. These products provide the great benefits of optimization and efficiency for your product design.

low leakage opto mosfet relay

The variation of leakage spec is critical for some applications that required precision. The manufacturing and inspection process of these products is well-controlled by a sophisticated management system and recorded inspection data to guarantee the performance and quality. Custom/semi-custom solutions are available to meet customers’ requirements.

Please contact us for more detail about the low leakage Opto MOSFET relay series. Bright TOWARD provides a broad range of products for your needs.

Range of Bright TOWARD Products


  • for Automotive
  • for High Power
  • for RF Low CxR
  • for General Purpose

Solid State Relay

  • High Power SSR

Reed Relay

  • SMD
  • High Voltage
  • Mercury Wet
  • SIP / DIP
  • High Insulation Resistance