Smallest RF MEMS Switch, Now in Production

Menlo Micro’s MM5130 smallest MEMS switch is now available to the market

the smallest RF MEMS switch from Menlo Micro, MM5130

Menlo Micro defines “Rule of 99” for summarizing the benefits of their products, so-called “ideal switch”. The ideal switch delivers improvements to size, weight, power, and cost as game-changer. Menlo Micro released the smallest RF MEMS switch, MM5130, as the flagship product of the ideal switch. It achieves more than 99% reduction of the size and weight, 99% reduction of the power consumption, 999 times faster-switching speed, and 999 times longer-lasting comparing conventional mechanical and semiconductor switches.

To be specially noted, MM5130 offers superior signal quality from DC to 18GHz frequency range and higher power handling capability for wide-band RF and microwave applications. Unique glass substrate and packaging brings better thermal and power handling, and “through-glass-via” technology achieves lower parasitic capacitance, lower On-resistance, and smaller package size. Inheriting GE’s material science intellectual property and experiences, Menlo Micro has realized life characteristics exceeding 3bilion cycles that are unachievable by other conventional MEMS switches.

MM5130 is suitable for Switch Filters, RF Switch Matrics, RF Tunable Filters, and EM relay replacement in Test and Measurement applications. Now, this ideal smallest RF MEMS switch is available in markets, and it enables design flexibility and ideal system design.

Evaluation Kit is also available. Please contact us to get the latest switch technology.

Preliminary Datasheet

Range of Menlo Micro products


  • SP4T
  • DC to 12GHz
  • 25W
  • less than 10uS switching


  • 6 channel SPST
  • DC to 3GHz
  • 25W
  • less than 10uS switching


  • 6 channel SPST
  • 1A per channel
  • 10GΩ Input to Output Isolation
  • less than 10uS switching

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