Thank you for visiting our booth at electronica 2022!

electronica 2022

Thank you for visiting Menlo Micro and Bright Toward booth at electronica 2022! We thank you all for your valuable time and impressive feedback. We will keep inform you the latest information.

  • Menlo Microsystems, Inc. Menlo Micro is on a mission to create a more energy efficient and sustainable world, with an entirely new category of electronic switches. The Ideal Switch eliminates compromises and tradeoffs by combining the benefits of electromechanical and solid-state switches into the best of both worlds. Menlo is bringing more than 99 percent reductions in size, weight, power, and cost to dozens of industries such as medical, aerospace and defense, telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial IoT, and test and measurement. For more information, visit
  • Bright Toward Industrial Co., Ltd. Located in Taiwan since 1988, Bright Toward is a professional and experienced manufacturer of Opto-MOSFET Relay, Opto-SiC MOSFET Relay, Solid State Relay, Reed Relay, and RF MEMS Switch. TOWARD supports semiconductor testing, Battery Management Systems (BMS), Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Industrial Control, and Telecommunication Industries for over three decades. For more information, visit

Achievement at electronica 2022

Menlo Micro demonstrated the latest MEMS switch technologies and actual performance. If you missed any demonstration, please feel free to let us know. We will send you detailed information.

  • Industry’s Highest RF Power Density
  • Ultra-low-loss Reconfigurable & Tunable RF Filters
  • 5G C-Band Beam Steering Antenna
  • Extreme Linearity for Advanced Communication Systems
  • Latest RF Hot Switching Performance
  • Micromechanical AC/DC Power Switch with the World’s Highest Current Density. 

Thank you all for visiting our booth and see you at electronica 2024 in Munich!

What is the next?

  • Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will exhibit at OFC in San Diego, California from March 7th to 9th. Booth# 4728
  • Menlo Microsystems, Inc. will exhibit at IMS in San Diego, California from June 13th to 15th. Booth# 450
  • Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will exhibit at IMS in San Diego, California from June 13th to 15th. Booth# 1222

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