VNA De-embedding Techniques to High-Speed Signal Integrity Measurement

Menlo Micro Presenting at Microwave Journal Webinar – VNA De-embedding techniques for signal integrity

VNA De-embedding Techniques for Signal Integrity measurement MEMS switch

Thank you for joining the Menlo Micro Webinar hosted by Microwave Journal on August 10th. present “Applying VNA De-embedding Techniques to S-Parameter Measurements of 40Gbps Differential DPDT switch”.

This event showcases the only differential DPDT switch on the market that operates 40Gbps that is also equipped to handle current PCIe GEN 5 and high-speed SerDES applications.

Please contact us in more detail regarding MEMS switch products. Application engineers will consult measurement techniques with MEMS switch for your signal integrity issues.

Range of Menlo Micro products


  • DPDT
  • DC to 24GHz
  • 25W
  • less than 10uS switching


  • SP4T
  • DC to 26GHz
  • 25W
  • less than 10uS switching


  • 6 channel SPST
  • 1A per channel
  • 25W
  • less than 10uS switching

Please visit our RF MEMS section and find out more detail about Menlo Micro products.