Miniaturized High-Power 7-Channel UHF Filter

Menlo Micro MM6005 UHF Filter

High Power miniaturized UHF filter

Menlo Micro has developed a miniaturized UHF Filter utilizing breakthrough Ideal Switch technology to provide a seven-channel discrete tuning range from 225-512MHz.

The filter’s innovative design results in low insertion loss across the passband, fast discrete switching, and high-power input handling.

When compared to traditional solid-state switched filter bank designs, the MM6005 exhibits 2 dB to 3 dB lower losses. The Ideal Switch technology enables greater than 3 billion switching cycles with very minimal change in performance over a temperature range of -40 to +85C.

The design also offers a considerable 90% reduction in size when compared with comparable solid-state or electromechanical switched filter bank designs.


  • 225-512 MHz Frequency Span
  • 7 Channel Discrete Tunable Range
  • 60 W Max Input Power
  • Low Insertion Loss: 1.5 dB @ 512 MHz
  • 30 dB Rejection @ +/- 50 MHz
  • 10μs Max Fast Discrete Switching Speed
  • High Reliability: Greater than 3 Billion Operations


  • Military Communications
  • EW Systems
  • Frequency Mitigation
  • Amplifier Filtering


  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Test and Measurement Systems
  • Wireless Infrastructure

Design Advantages – Miniaturized UHF Filter

  • PCB Size: 3.4” x 1.6” (86.4 mm x 40.6 mm) with SMA connectors
  • Fewer filter components: 70% component reduction compared with existing switched filter bank designs
  • Significantly reduced losses – MEMS switch resistance totals in parallel resulting in up to 3 dB improvement in insertion loss
  • Ability to select multiple simultaneous switch filter paths

Product Brief – Miniaturized UHF Filter

Please let us know if you are looking for a different frequency range or number of channels. A custom filter solution is also available.

Range of Menlo Micro Products


  • SP4T
  • DC to 12GHz
  • 25W
  • less than 10uS switching


  • SP4T
  • DC to 18GHz
  • 25W
  • less than 10uS switching
  • Driverless


  • 6 channel SPST
  • 1A per channel
  • 10GΩ Input to Output Isolation
  • less than 10uS switching

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